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Empowering young men through job training


Underprivileged young men need job training opportunities to gain access to good jobs. Better jobs will enable them to improve their living conditions and those of their families.


Two-year post-secondary training in electromechanical technology at the Dualtech Training Center. Graduates will be qualified to work in the automotive industry in the field of semiconductors and electronics, and in the metallurgical, manufacturing and service industries

Dualtech was the first company in the Philippines to adopt the German teaching model called the “Dual Training System.” This model fosters partnerships between schools and industry to bring theoretical and practical training together in one program.

Training at Dualtech is a two-phase process: the first phase lasts six months and includes theory and practice. The second phase is spread over a period of eighteen months and allows students to get hands-on experience with partner companies. During the second phase, fellows attend weekly mentoring sessions to support the personal and professional development of future Dualtech graduates.

Annual overall funding objective

As many $500 scholarships as possible to fund job training


Local partner: Dualtech Training Center Foundation

As many $500 scholarships as possible to fund job training